WW2 U.S. tent half No.2


Description / purpose:
First time I was able to get these WW2 U.S. tent halves.
Officially they are called "Tent, shelter, half, new type"

These are also mentioned in "GI collector's guide Volume 1" on page 110.
Written there is:
"As part of his issue, every soldier had a shelter-half, usually rolled into the haversack's pack carrier.
The new type tent authorized in late 1942 has two closed ends, whereas the early war type had only one.

A two-man tent could be pitched by buttoning together two shelter halves, and two tents pitched end-to-end accommodated four soldiers."

However, if I compare the picture from the book with the actual tent half I have, I would say it is the pre-1942 version.

marked with "U.S." and marked with maker and "1942" date.
(mark a bit faded)

light used / a rip that is repaired and a button replaced

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