WW2 British RAF simulation goggles


Description / purpose:
Never seen this before, but they are very nice to put on a display.
This are night simulation goggles.
They were used to train soldiers that had to do things in the dark with out any visibility.
Had army and RAF version, but RAF is only still available. (right one)
Complete with box, but box is damaged in storage.
The RAF version is packed so well that there is no corrosion or damage at all.
Haven't opened the box further, because I was afraid that I could not get it back how it is suppose to be.
This goggles still has to be put together, because lenses and frame are packed separated.
The box has the crown of the airforce and is marked "A.M. goggles, gunnery, night, simulator 22c/932"
The 22C number is beneath the 2500 and means that it is WW2 date.

Markings: mentioned in text

Condition: box damaged / goggles mint

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