U.S. WW2 Medic Ardennes full mannequin.


A mannequin full dressed with a WW2 U.S medic uniform like they would walk around in the Ardennes.
This mannequin is sold as shown, so complete with all the items that are in the pictures.

It represents a Medic from any regiment that fought in the Ardennes (or other cold climate).

This mannequin was one of the first I ever completed, so stand like it is today from the early 90’s.

I have created several sub categories were the items are shown separate with additional extra information.
In these sub categories the prices are set on zero, because the objects are only sold as a complete set that makes this mannequin.
The pictures of the individual items are made years ago with a digital camera that did not had the resolution we know these days, so they look a bit grainy.

The total price includes the mannequin.
I can imagine that there are people who would be interested in the complete set, but with the mannequin the price of shipping can be high because of the size of the parcel.
For those people it is negotiable to buy the set WITHOUT mannequin.

Have a look and enjoy!


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