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Conditions for sale

Attention! Disclaimer
This site is for the sale of antiques and collectables and among them are military items.
Among these militaria items are also world war 2 related items.
It is dedicated to collectors or those with historical interest in militaria from this period.
The Items on this site are sold for historical or research purposes only.
Clients of “Henri’s collection sale” are obligated to use all articles purchased accordingly and as stated in the terms and conditions, and to use the site and its contents with the respect appropriate.
Please be aware that some items may be of a disturbing nature.
We wish to make it clear however, that we do not support the beliefs or actions of the Third Reich or any other far right or fascist organisation, current or past. If you have any other intention, please leave.

To see full details on the offered items, you have to be logged in on the site.
All details that have to be provided will only be used for calculation of shipping costs and to contact you directly.
All provided details will NOT forwarded to third parties!

Most items offered are from my 21 year old personal collection!
For private reasons, I have decided to part with the items and offer them here for sale!
If there is something you are looking for that is not on the site, just contact me and I will check if I have it!
There is so much that I can’t put it on the site all at once!

-All prices in the list are in Euros.
-All items in this catalogue are 100 % genuine unless otherwise stated.
-All items will have a full description of condition and markings.
-When you want more information or additional photographs, you have to contact us your self. (see the “contact us” section)
-Returns are not accepted when items are “not what I expected!”, so ask all additional information and/or detail photographs by email!

-When placing an order on the site, the item will be reserved for you.
After “check-out” an email will be send to me with the items you would like.
With the provided information that you used for the log in, I will be able to let you know the shipping costs, postal options and payment methods.
You will get a personal email from me with the above mentioned information and confirmation of the ordered items.
-If, for what ever reason, you decide that total costs will be to much, you can let me know which items you would still like to receive or if you want to cancel the complete order.
I then can cancel the “reservation” on the items, so that they will be available again for other customers.

-Reservations for a specific time are negotiable, but only when we agreed on the terms!!!!
Please contact me before ordering if you are thinking to consider this option!

Enjoy your stay!

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